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Tatuaje Drac Redux 2 (Black Box) Cigars “Box Of 13”

Tatuaje Drac Redux 2 (Black Box) Cigars “Box Of 13”

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Box Of 13 Cigars

Experience the Darkness with Tatuaje Drac Redux 2 (Black Box) Cigars

Cloaked in a black, oily Honduran Habano wrapper, these sinister sticks ooze an aroma of damp earth, espresso, and dark chocolate. The first light explodes with a blast of black pepper, quickly giving way to rich espresso, leather, and hints of cherry. The Nicaraguan fillers, held together by a Dominican binder, create a medium-full-bodied smoke that is surprisingly smooth and creamy.

As the cigar burns, the sweetness develops, with notes of figs and dates joining the party. This box of 13 cigars provides a generous and complex smoking experience, perfect for those who savor bold flavors and a touch of gothic mystique. So, light up a Drac Redux 2 and let the darkness seduce your palate.

Order your Tatuaje Drac Redux 2 (Black Box) cigars today and experience the extra limited version of this unique blend. Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the darkness with every puff.

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