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Tatuaje T110 Habano Released 2020 R.Field Cigars 😎

Tatuaje T110 Habano Released 2020 R.Field Cigars 😎

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Tatuaje At Its Best


Go on a Nicaraguan adventure with the Tatuaje T110 Habano Released 2020 R.Field cigars, crafted with bold intensity and meticulous precision. Released in 2020, this medium-plus bodied masterpiece hails from the renowned Pitbull blend series by Pete Johnson, founder of Tatuaje cigars.

The T110 Habano is dressed in a dark, oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Beneath the leaf lies a hearty Nicaraguan binder and a core of Nicaraguan long-fillers, aged to perfection for a robust and flavorful smoke.

As you light the T110, prepare for a full-bodied explosion of pepper, leather, and earth. Hints of espresso and dark chocolate soon emerge, intertwining with a subtle sweetness that balances the bold profile. The burn is consistent, the smoke thick and creamy, and the finish long and satisfying, leaving a lingering warmth on the palate.

The Tatuaje T110 Habano is not for the faint of heart. It's a cigar for experienced smokers who crave a powerful and flavorful experience. Its Nicaraguan core delivers a potent punch, while the Habano wrapper adds an undeniable touch of sophistication. Feel free to order Tatuaje T110 Habano Released 2020 R.Field Cigars at the City of Cigars today.


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