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Byron Limited Edition Humidor Set Of 3

Byron Limited Edition Humidor Set Of 3

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Byron Limited Edition Humidor Set

2024 Byron Humidor

Release Now Available

The 2019 Vintage of Byron is now available!

This set of three, 25 count numbered humidors are released once a year to celebrate the Byron Collection. One humidor with 25 cigars representing the 19th Century, 20th Century and 21st Century of the Byron line.

Byron 19th Century Grand Poemas

Byron 20th Century Habaneros

Byron 21st Century Elegantes

6 x 56

6 x 54

6 1/8 x 55

Each humidor is elegantly filled with 25 cigars that are only released with these beautifully crafted humidors.

Limited to only 300 humidors per blend, the Byron Humidor Collection is a timeless celebration of a line dating back to 1850. Seize the moment and order your 2024 Byron

Byron Limited Edition Humidor Set Of 3

The Byron Limited Edition Humidor Set is a luxurious and exclusive product designed for the discerning cigar connoisseur. This set includes a beautifully crafted humidor, made from high-quality Spanish cedar wood, and adorned with the iconic Byron logo. The humidor is lined with premium Spanish cedar, ensuring the perfect environment for storing and aging your cigars.

The set also includes a selection of 25 Byron cigars, each hand-rolled with the finest tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic. These cigars are known for their rich and complex flavors, making them a must-have for any cigar aficionado. In addition to the humidor and cigars, the set also comes with a hygrometer and humidifier, ensuring that your cigars are always kept at the optimal humidity level.

The humidor has a capacity of up to 50 cigars, making it perfect for both personal use and as a display piece for your collection. This limited edition humidor set is a true collector's item, with only a limited number available worldwide. It is the perfect gift for any cigar lover or a special treat for yourself. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exquisite and exclusive product.

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